Oooferton is a deal aggregator.

My job in this project was centered around updating&upgrading the backend and the frontend. We were looking for a Mobile First front-end, modern and useful; for the backend the idea was to set a simple but powerful tool, able to set up an online store on future releases.

Washrocks collects, washes and returns your clothes where and when you need them, in record time

Washrocks is a startup in Barcelona, that also gives service to Madrid, Valencia and Seville. It operates in Spanish capitals at the moment and has plans to expand to an international market in the future.

My job at Washrocks was coordinating the technological environment with the service providers (DevOps, backend and mobile, both Android and iOS), and developing a new API and front end for the WebApp. (


Arnau Lacambra

Frontend developer

Anna Senén Orts

Frontend developer

Francisco García - Raijin

Digital Artist, Designer, Illustration, Workshops

Who Am I

Jaime Pascual Torres

Backend developer

Freelance web developer - In love with Laravel, docker and Vue - In general I like being the backend, but as a freelance it is impossible to stay in just one position. At the end of the day you always have to do a bit of everything, be that a software engineer when mapping out a project, a frontend developer making the presentation layer, dev-ops to manage the development and production machines, etc. That’s why I enjoy a bit of everything and am flexible and comfortable in a variety of positions.

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